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Individualized Treatment & Support for People With Mental
Illness & Substance Use Disorders

Individualized Treatment & Support for People With Mental Illness & Substance Use Disorders

Access Behavioral Health

A Community-Based System of Care for Medicaid Recipients & Residents of Northwest Florida

Access Behavioral Health

Information for Members

For members residing within Regions 1 and 2 of Florida.

Access Behavioral Health

Information for Providers

For providers within the Access Behavioral Health Medicaid behavioral health network.

Access Behavioral Health

Wellness Tools

Resources for members to help you throughout life's journey.

Access Behavioral Health
Access Behavioral Health

Welcome to Access Behavioral Health!

Since 2001, Access Behavioral Health (ABH) has managed the mental health and substance abuse services for Medicaid recipients and for residents of northwest Florida. We have created a network of providers who focus on the core principles of recovery: strengths-based, person-centered, individualized treatment and support for people with mental illness and substance use disorders. Through contracting, monitoring, network management, and quality improvement efforts, we have improved the coordination, integration, and management of delivery services to those with emotional, mental, or addictive disorders.

What We Do

ABH has developed a comprehensive, community-based system of care by contracting with experienced providers offering evidence-based services. We contract with a wide variety of behavioral health care providers to respect and ensure consumer choice and to meet the special health care needs of our Medicaid members. In short, the mission of ABH is to help people throughout life's journey by connecting them to hope and recovery.

Access Behavioral Health