Inpatient Hospital or Crisis Unit Admissions

Authorization for inpatient behavioral health admissions may be obtained by faxing pertinent clinical information to ABH Care Management Department at (850)353-6041 or secure emailing the information to [email protected] by the first business day after admission. This information should include:

  • Member demographic information,
  • Initial admission assessments and plan of care,
  • Involuntary commitment paperwork, if applicable.

ABH adheres to the following requirements for authorization request turn around times:

  • Urgent concurrent – Within 2 calendar days,
  • Urgent pre-service – Within 2 calendar days,
  • Non-urgent pre-service – Within 7 calendar days,
  • Post-service – Within 7 calendar days.

Authorization is not a guarantee of payment. Payment is dependent upon medical necessity for the level of care rendered, member benefit limitations, member eligibility at the time of service, and services being rendered by a provider who is registered with Florida Medicaid.